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Composition Recordings and Scores

Performer with Live Computer Interaction

- computer programs utilized: Kyma, MaxMSP, HMSL, Supercollider, Audiosculpt, Open Music, Processing, Isadora, Eyecon


Letter Home (2008) soprano, string quartet, digital audio, and live electronics soprano, Katherine Blumenthal and Vega Quartet
Bleached White (2008) flute and live electronics (Max)
Tembang Gede (2005) chant for soprano, doublebass, and interactive electronics
Vanitas (2005) organ and electronics
Pay No Attention (2004) piano and electronics / funded by the Center for Humanistic Inquiry at Emory
Rendezvous IV (2004) violin and electronics / funded by the CHI at Emory
Interpret Desire (2003) for speaker and interactive electronics / funded by the CHI at Emory
Blow Back (2002) trumpet and interactive electronics / First Place in International Trumpet Guild Composition Competition - 2002 ITG
    Conference, England and 2005 ITG Conference, Bangkok
Quiet Silence (1999) marimba and live sound processing 
Revolution (1997) disklavier, malletkat, violin, clarinet, marimba, bonang, Kyma interactive computer system
Rendezvous III (1997) zeta violin, tape and Max interactive computer system 
Ladrang Kampung (1997) flute and Javanese gamelan and electronics / recorded by Gamelan Asmaradana of Singapore 
Rendezvous I (1996) violin, tape
Blue Shadows (1995) music-theater for piano, two percussion, narrator and electronics
Still Life (1994) monodrama for soprano and tape
Proper Behavior (1994) alto saxophone, MIDI wind controller, tape and MAX / recorded by Mark Records
Endenich: Circle of Angels (1990) soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, and HMSL 
Kriti: A Personal Tragedy (1990) live electronics and performance artist
Sea.Rock City (1989) music-theater for trumpet, trombone and HMSL
Aurora Consurgens (1988) MIDI piano and HMSL / broadcast National Public Radio and West German Radio / sponsored by Yamaha Musical     Instrument Company / recorded by Frog Peak Music / demo work for HMSL software 

Opera, Music Theatre, Dance

Out Of The Frame (2016) interactive art-music installation commissioned for Ear Taxi -  a festival of new music in Chicago

First Life - imagining the chemical origins of life (2012) multimedia performance for string quartet, narration, live audio and video based on chemical models of early earth polymers generated at the biochemistry lab of Martha Grover at Georgia Institute of Technology. Sponsored by the Center for Chemical Evolution at Georgia Tech 
Warrior Woman Pantoum (2009) digital audio and solo dancer
Ophelia's Gaze (2008) chamber opera for soprano, string quartet, live audio, and live motion capture video; Text: Bellocq's Ophelia by Natasha Trethewey, 2012 US Poet Laureate; Additional video: Isabelle Dehay (Nantes, France) 
Vignette  (2008) soprano, cello, live audio, and live motion capture video; Intermedia Arts Festival - Indianapolis 2010 
Shiver (2008) digital audio and video / video artist: Isabelle Dehay (France) - Commissioned by University of Illinois for CD collection celebrating 50 years of electro-acoustic music in the US; ICMC2009 - McGill University, Montreal; Spark Festival of Electronic Arts, Minneapolis, MN 2009; University of Illinois 2009; Art Basel Contemporary Arts Festival - Miami, FL 2009; SEAMUS - Minneapolis, MN 2010; New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2010; Intermedia Arts Festival - Indianapolis, IN 2010 
The Black Box (2006) musical box, narrator, four instruments, and interactive electronics
The Magi (2005) digital audio and masked dancers (Lori Teague, choreographer)
Sun Dial (2005) digital audio and solo dancer (Anna Leo, choreographer)
Triptych for V (2003) digital audio and dancers (Anna Leo, choreographer)
Lithium (2001) two percussion, interactive electronics, video, tape 
Opaque Silhouette (2000) two percussion, interactive electronics, video, tape / competition winner sponsored by Amercan Composers Forum and Science and Technology Museum of Atlanta
Ki Ageng Mangir, KAM (1998-2000) music drama installation for Javanese puppeteer, actors, vocalists, dancer, gamelan and Western musicians, interactive electronics and video installation / designed by Berlin visual artist, Andrea Sunder-Plassman / choreography - Dana Marie Lupton / based on an unpublished manuscript, Ki Ageng Mangir, by Indonesian author and political dissident, Pramoedya Ananta Toer / Grand Finale performance at 2005 Society of Ethnomusicology International Conference, Atlanta
Being and Nothingness (1996) violin, tape, dancers (choreography by Emory Dance Company)
The Maiden Returns (1994-95) musical-poetry performance for soprano, two percussion, harmonica, readers, dancers, tape, and the Kyma, HMSL and MAX interactive computer systems
Enter Dependent (1992) soprano, flute, sax, bass, piano, percussion, dancers, and HMSL (Pat Floyd, choreographer) / selected by Atlanta Dancers Collective as the Best Dance work for 1992
Terrestrial Ball (1987) baritone, chamber ensemble, tape and dancers 
Edge (1986) tape and dancers (Meli Kaye, choreographer)

Acoustic Concert Works

City of Nine Gates (2009) string trio and narrator 
Cote du jour  (2009) chamber orchestra 
March 1911  (2008) string quartet
Countess P's Advice  (2008) soprano and string quartet
Troubled Time (2007) trombone, keyboard 
SideStep (2005) vers.1 for string orchestra; vers. 2 for viola da gamba consort 
Insatiable (2004) for chorus, vocal soloist, instrumental ensemble / funded by the CHI at Emory
Infinity For Sale (1999) chamber ensemble
Yorktown (1998) trumpet ensemble, trombone, tuba, percussion 
Quiver Songs (1998) shakuhachi and guitar 
Another Reunion (1997) soprano & chamber ensemble / recorded Society of Composers CD, Capstone Records
Zodiacal Memory (1995) brass quintet 
Zodiacal Memory (2004) arr. wind ensemble 
This Light, This Land (1993) SATB chorus 
Rendezvous II (1992) brass quintet / recorded by Crystal Records 
Table and Chairs (1992) soprano and piano
Pendulum (1991) clarinet, harp, piano, percussion / 1991 MTNA Commissioned Commission
Tromba Trance (1991) trumpet ensemble
Rain, Rain Beautiful Rain (1988) SATB arr. 
Jupiter Storms (1986) brass sexte

ALAPA (1985) orator, synthesizer, tabla drums and percussion
Motteto 'Chagrin' (1984) 12-part chorus 

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